Howdy, I’m Victoria.

I am an epileptic singer-songwriter & independent music journalist – and the founder of this here blog. Since I have all this space to talk, I figure it’d be nice to introduce myself and tell y’all a little about why I started Y’all Should Listen.

I have been surrounded by music my whole life, though I only got into it professionally when I started college. I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in Music & Arts Management, and while I’m happy I did that – I feel the value in music was often lost on me when I was being graded on it or when it was only looked at through an analytical/industry perspective. While I was finishing this last leg of college over the last 6 months, I made it a point to seek out what I wanted to learn more about in music – not because I had to do it, but because I genuinely was curious and it was important to me.

I started posting regularly to my YouTube channel, making TikTok’s in the music commentary and culture side of things, and generally feel like I have found what I want to do both as an artist and a journalist. This experience has inspired my songwriting and has allowed me to connect with people in music like I never thought was possible.

Finding space in the music community can be daunting, as both an artist and a consumer. I created Y’all Should Listen in an effort to cultivate a music community that values conversation, education and just some damn good music.

You can find a lot of my opinions and research and all of that throughout the posts on here, but if there is one thing about me I’d like any reader of this site to know:

In this space, if you listen to music and you have something you wanna say about it – I want to hear it.

Everyone experiences music differently. What makes it a community is how you are able to share it and communicate about it. Y’all means All, and we all could do a little more listening.

For a more dramatic play-by-play of my small town girl story and why everything seems to be written in a country accent, check out this YouTube video:

Playlist My Life – Draw My Life but make it ~Music~

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