YSL Playlists (Master List)

This page will be updated periodically. For more up-to-date playlists as they are made, follow our instagram @yallshouldlisten. To submit songs for any YSL playlist, just shoot me an email to 🙂

The 2022 YSL playlist is a catch-all playlist for everything the YSL community finds or recommends through the year.
‘Good Chemicals’ is a concoction of high energy good vibes without a set genre. It might not have the greatest production value in every song, but the heart is there, ya know?
These are the songs I had on repeat while I took a break earlier this year.
A sparkly pop breakup recover playlist.
a traumatizing but ultimately healing experience – songs from childhood, about childhood and growing up, and generally navigating your way through life thus far.
Highlighting Black, Indigenous & Queer Country Music with bits & pieces of the classes mixed in.
the sound of unsettling sadness. Based on “We’ll Never Have Sex” by Leith Ross.
its the mid 2000s. a cherry minute maid juice bar drips down your arms as you press play on your blue ipod nano after lunch…
Seasonal Depression playlist :’)
All puns surrounding shaking, seizing, and other epileptic nonsense.
Queer hyper-pop, pop, dance, club music & popular songs with the same energy.
Manifesting, meditating, claiming everything you want.
Y2K angsty rock and punk music that remind me of my sister in Hot Topic circa 2011.
they sound so good, so why am I crying?
feminine energy for the soul.
All my favorite music from growing up in the 2000s.
Old & New age jazz.
An autumn playlist with just the right vibe.
Halloween Party Playlist.
Disco classics & New age disco for your 70’s fantasy.
Another hippie fantasy life playlist.