Y’all Should Listen

Music culture develops through the crowds just as much as it develops through artists – and listening to music can be more than just what’s coming from the speaker or your headphones. Y’all Should Listen stands for diving deeper into music & music culture- focusing on education, conversation & curation.

  • YSL Playlists (Master List)

    This page will be updated periodically. For more up-to-date playlists as they are made, follow our instagram @yallshouldlisten. To submit songs for any YSL playlist, just shoot me an email to victoria@yallshouldlisten.com 🙂

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  • The Art of Making a Playlist

    The Art of Making a Playlist

    Playlists are a communication tool in music, from the highest level artists to the average listener. In this article, I will talk about the art of making a playlist & how I curate music based on the vibe. That’s what curating music is all about (for me) – an understanding of a vibe translated into…

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  • 22 Small Artists You Should Listen to in 2022

    22 Small Artists You Should Listen to in 2022

    The word ‘small’ in music is really subjective, depending on the context and the method of consumption and a million other things – but in this context, all the artists on this list have less than 300k listeners on Spotify. From hyper pop to soul pop and everything in between, here are 22 of my…

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